colours ~ Nice, France

Venturing over the Italian border I tantalized my palate in Nice. After being in Italy for over 4 months, the smooth language, and foreign culture drew me in.

I arrived just as the famous Nice flower market was packing up. Strolling through the emptying stalls I marveled at the contrasting colors of the flowers with the luscious fruits and vegetables. My tummy grumbled at the smell of fresh lunch wafting through the streets drawing me into the Vieux Nice, with its narrow streets, boutique shops, fresh crepes and life unfolding behind every corner. The quaint apartments towered above showing off the vibrant reds and muted pinks, as vibrant as the the French and their gorgeous accents. With attention to the smaller details I was surrounded by effortless chic and taste renowned by the French.

Seeing Nice from all angles I watched the locals indulging in a lazy Sunday from Montée du Chateaux. Through the Promenade du Paillon, people of all ages pirouetted through the tinkling fountains, lounged at restaurants and licked the crème glacée (ice-cream) while the sun gently beamed down on all of us. Wanting to join in the whimsical atmosphere, I delighted in a chilli chocolate ice cream and giggled at the irony as I began tourist watching as they climbed the #ILoveNice sign like a jungle gym, taking endless photographs.

Following the music, I came across a vibrant red piano in the centre of Place Massena. People crowded around to come view the pianist in action, the jazz seeped into every corner of the square. I kept feeling the sudden urge to swing along the black and white squares.