carefree ~ Monaco

Throughout my travels I have relied on Google maps to find my way around and map out my touring routes. Arriving in Monaco, my cellular data crashed leaving me with nothing but my own sense of direction to walk me through the day. I grasped this opportunity to just get totally lost, becoming encapsulated by the city and find new paths. This sense of utter freedom made this one of my favorite days from my whole trip.

I started at the Jardin Exotique, marveling at the Port de Fontvieille and Port Hercules below and just wondering how I was to get there. Walking down many steps between buildings, not quite knowing if it was the right way I was taken aback by the sheer cliff of Le Rocher de Monaco punctuated by yacht sails. It was so picturesque that I probably stood there for 20 minutes just taking in the scene (and not quite grasping why I couldn’t steal someone’s yacht and sail out).


Following the flocks of tourists up Le Rocher de Monaco I took in the moment and was totally mindful that I was in Monaco, MONACO. The grand Oceanographic Museum hanging off the cliff was my highlight. Encapsulating both nature and architectural beauty the pillars and rocks kept a smile on my face that still beams in remembrance. I lit a candle at the reverence of it all in the Monaco Cathedral, just after delving into the Saint Martin Park.


Peering into shop windows in Monaco-Ville I found Port Hercules. Walking around to have the sea on my left and the Port on my right a gust of wind soaked me in fresh salt water. Living in the moment, laughing at the weirdness of only one side of my body being wet I dried off in the sun.

The Casino with Maseratis lining the street, elegant Monegasque’s lounged at Café de Paris drinking Martinis I felt as if I had transcended into a different world. Hearing music in the distance I walked through the gardens of the Buddha Bar and came across a Starbucks in the prime spot on the sea. Thrilled I had found a place I could afford to eat lunch, I sat amongst the locals working on their laptops, with music enhancing the atmosphere whilst the sea soothed the view for a perfect lunch.



Strolling back through the Metropole Shopping Centre the shops were closed, I gazed in through the windows, my jaw dropping in the opulent splendor of the displays. Needing to rest my legs, I reflected on the day in the quaint Saint Devoté Chapel.

Completely carefree in Monaco, with no map holding me to routes or keeping me from getting truly lost, I felt I experienced so much more by just being in the moment. Feeling my feet connect with the earth, extending my sight to see past buildings and down little roads and feeling whimsical, Monaco made me radiate with happiness.