“the earth has music for those who listen” ~ G. Santayana


I am on a journey with my music, living for the quest of beauty, love, and humble joy in the little things. Singing the lyrics of distant places, I share my explorations of the world around us. ~ Amy


carefree ~ Monaco

Throughout my travels I have relied on Google maps to find my way around and map out my touring routes. Arriving in Monaco, my cellular data crashed leaving me with nothing but my own sense of direction to walk me through the day. I grasped this opportunity to just get totally lost, becoming encapsulated by …

colours ~ Nice, France

Venturing over the Italian border I tantalized my palate in Nice. After being in Italy for over 4 months, the smooth language, and foreign culture drew me in. I arrived just as the famous Nice flower market was packing up. Strolling through the emptying stalls I marveled at the contrasting colors of the flowers with …